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Update on the development of 12 dwellings on the Neighbourhood Plan allocated site, South of Coombe Rd

·         Plans are in place to start works in the coming weeks.

·         For marketing and development purposes, the site will be known as Penny Mile.  The actual names of the 2 groups of the dwellings will be determined at a later date.

·         A proposal for the landscaping of the site has been submitted by the developer to the South Downs National Park Authority and can be viewed here:

Cllr Steve Ridgeon

Chair – EMPC Planning Committee  

May 2022




NOTICE is hereby given that not less than seven days from the date of this notice, East
Hampshire District Council pursuant to an arrangement entered into under Section 19 of
the Local Government Act 2000, with the Council of the County of Hampshire, intend to
make an Order under Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of
which will be to prohibit any vehicle from proceeding along a length of The Hyde, East
Meon, from its junction with Church Street, for a distance of approximately 200 metres.
Pedestrian access and vehicular access to affected properties will be maintained.
The Order is necessary to facilitate works on behalf of Openreach to the overhead network.
The alternative route for vehicles will be via West Meon Road, A32, A272, East Meon Road,
The Hyde and vice versa.
It is expected that the works will last for approximately 6 months or until the works are
completed, whichever is the sooner starting on or after the 30 May 2022.
Not withstanding the above, it is expected that the closure will be required for 1 day,
between the hours of 9.30am and 3.30pm.
For any queries about the works taking place please call Sunbelt Rentals on 03700500792.
Dated this thirteenth day of May 2022.
East Hampshire District Council
Penns Place
Petersfield GU31 4EX

Neighbourhood Development Plan Site – South of Coombe Road
On 2nd December 2021, an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities upheld an appeal by Southcott Homes (Fareham) Ltd against the decision of South Downs National Park Authority who refused the application Ref SDNP/19/06024/FUL, dated 13 December 2019, by notice dated 16 April 2021. The application is for 12 new dwellings comprising 2 detached 2 storey houses, 6 detached two-storey houses, 1 two-storey building comprising 4 flats, detached car barns, 2 new accesses from Coombe Road, new footpath, an attenuation pond, swales and 5 metre landscape buffer on southern boundary.
This means that, subject to a number of conditions, the applicant can start developing the site.
To see the Inspector’s full report and a list of the conditions covering the development, go to:

Neighbourhood Plan Site - South of Coombe Road

A revised application for new dwellings on the site allocated for development in the East Meon Neighbourhood Development Plan has been submitted and is on the SDNPA portal here:

Comments from residents are encouraged and can be submitted through the SDNPA portal.  The deadline for comments is 15th September.

Neighbourhood Plan Site

New plans have been proposed for the dwellings on land south of Coombe Road, one of our Neighbourhood Plan sites.  To view these plans, and to comment, please go to: and search for reference number SDNP/19/06024/FUL  



Hampshire County Council Automated Traffic Survey:

From 2nd - 8th October, Hampshire County Council installed equipment at 3 entry points to the village to measure the number and speed of vehicles entering and leaving East Meon over that period.  Please click on for an analysis of the data collected by the equipment.  If you've any questions, please contact Cllr Steven Ridgeon ([email protected]).   Next steps will be to use this information, and many other inputs, to work with Hampshire County Council on initiatives to reduce vehicle speeds in our village.  This will be co-ordinated by Cllr Tom Tyrwhitt-Drake ([email protected]). 

Parish Council response to Government White Paper:  Planning for the Future.

To view the Parish Council's response please visit

The Parish Council has now submitted its response to the planning application for the Neighbourhood Plan south of Coombe Road. You can read it on the SDNPA Planning Portal or under the Planning/Neighbourhood Plan tab on this website.

Welcome to East Meon Parish Council. The historic parish of East Meon is located six miles to the west of Petersfield, Hampshire. It lies in a wide valley, bounded on its southern and eastern sides by the South Downs. The River Meon rises from a source to the south of the village and then flows through the village centre.

East Meon was an important Minster and Hundred in Saxon times. Both before and after the Norman Conquest it was a Manor of the Bishops of Winchester, who built the magnificent parish church of All Saints and the mediaeval manor house, The Court House. The village contains a number of ancient hall houses. It was chosen to be the ‘Domesday Village’ in 1986. 

East Meon Parish Council hold 6 meetings a year which take place in the Church Hall at 6.30pm. All Parishioners are welcome to attend and the agenda for each meeting is available on the website and also on the village noticeboard. In addition to the regular meetings, the Annual Parish Assembly will take place in April.

For any information about events and news within our village and local services and businesses, please visit our community and parish magazine website

For any information about planned roadworks in the Parish, please visit

For any information about the Parish Council, please contact the Parish Clerk - [email protected]